How to Sell - Is Does Mean

This is was one of the best sales education I ever heard received. The thing is - I was not at a sales training or seminar. I am not even in a sales role (arguably everyone is, but that's a different topic).

The education came over an impromptu gathering - in my neighborhood there is an expectation of what I would call social serendipity. I found myself in an empty house on Friday evening and decided to go out for a bite while the wife and kids were visiting relatives elsewhere.

During my short drive out of the plan I spotted an opportunity to say hello to my neighbor. I was actually heading to his Sub Shop to order my signature sub when I was offered a nice refreshing beverage instead. Of course, one beverage turned into one more and then I was offered to stay for dinner - a double loss for my neighbor which did not get a sale for his Sub Shop and now has to feed me. His lovely wife prepared dinner and we began to discuss work. She is in sales and explained how she had to prepare for a 5 minute presentation that could influence here whole year. I shared how I was trying to convince our team that we needed to translate technical terms to all types of business folks and that we were struggling.

She said "Is Does Mean". "Think of an iPhone".

It Is - a device with very sophisticated technology.

It Does - enable the user to make calls and take pictures of friends and loved ones.

It Means - and this is the key ... this is what my team was struggling with as we had to present a complicated operating model to many different roles within the organization.

It Means - that you can stay connected to your family.

Right there - so easily an image of a happy family sharing pictures with grandma around a Thanksgiving dinner entered my mind.

Grandma does not care about iPhone technology and neither does her daughter that purchased the iPhone - everyone, however, can benefit from the brilliance of the product.

What I like about "Is Does Mean" is the Mean portion can be tailored to the audience. In my case that will be executives in a large and complex corporate environment.

Now, I know how to tailor my message for each leader that must review the operating model.

Dinner was fantastic - but the host gave me something even better than a free delicious meal.