Minimal Viable Behaviors

In software development the last several years has introduced the minimals ...

Minimal Viable Product
Minimal Marketable Feature

However, a precursor to both would be the Minimal Viable Behavior(s).

Think about what the team is doing at any given spot in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) .

How did they arrive there?
Why are they doing it that way?

If your company is practicing the 3 or 5 why's, then you will not be far behind from observing key behaviors that cause teams to react and respond in various scenarios.


What are the two steps before the current step? What goal is two steps downstream of the current step that the team is attempting to solve for or improve? Who's job is it to even make the observations in the first place? Agile teams should Self-Organize during standard Agile best practices called Retrospectives. Here is an opportunity for the team to consider some Minimal Viable Behaviors.

Teams and organizations must problem solve around these behaviors and they are very easy to overlook in complex corporate environments. Perhaps an easy win is to simply place a name on these behaviors after they have been identified.