Corporate Software Development - Professionalism vs. Newtonian Physics

This is a simple illustration to establish a baseline for decision making within Software Development organizations.

Scenario 1 - A commercial airline pilot declares that she does not want to fly in bad weather or at night.

Perhaps this individual should re-think their profession as the job requires that each pilot possess a wide spectrum of aviation skills which must include flying in less than ideal flight conditions.

Scenario 2 - An airline pilot understands that 500 gallons of fuel is needed to complete a long distance trip which has been successfully accomplished many times in the past. The pilot notices that her current plane only has 50 gallons of fuel during a pre-flight safety check and declares that she will not take-off until the plane is appropriately topped-off.

The challenge in software development is to establish "lines in the sand". Unlike other professions where laws and regulations protect both the employees and corporate stakeholders from making ill-advised decisions, software engineers are frequently pressured into making choices that are less than optimal given what their experience suggests.

The solution is for organization to establish their own set of rules and define "Physics" for their operations by creating a set of baseline scenarios that all will appreciate, understand and honor.