12 Agile (software) Principals as Tweets

I was thinking about how best to keep things short and sweet while writing about the 12 Agile principals, so I thought of Twitter. Sure enough - someone took a crack at tweeting them.


Let's look at each principal and provide a summary from a Scenario to Application perspective post by post.

The next post will inspect one of my favorites which is the very first principal:

**** Working software that produces value to the customer is the "why" of Agile.

****A quick shout out to Ghost - their first release did not have spell check editing, so I had to write my posts in MSWord and paste the final draft into the editor, but (credit to them) they shipped and produced value to their users in an Agile format by honoring the first Agile principal - they produced a blog site and editor where users like me still found value in a blog site without text editing - almost feels counter intuitive but is a great example of Agile in practice.

More to come on the first Agile principal in the next post.