Conway's Game of Life

Here is my "Hello World" example of Conway's Game of Life using Ruby and Rails.

For those of you that are not terribly familiar with CGOL - this is turning out to be a goto starter application / "Hello World" with the tech community as one explores new technology. For me this turned out to be OPAL within Ruby/Rails (RoR).

The idea behind CGOL is to start a simple experiment and observe what happens over time as the rules propagate throughout the system. Here the system is made up of an excel-like grid system where each square represents a unit of life. I seeded the experiment with writing the name of the game in the first image "Conway's Game of Life".

Next, I ran the game and provided a few snapshots of what changes resulted after 5 minutes.

After 1 minute

After 2 minutes

After 3 minutes

After 4 minutes

After 5 minutes

Ok - so nothing too fantastic here, but I did get a kick out of getting the basic example working on my Windows Machine running Rails thanks to this great "how-to" article by Benjamin Tan Wei Hao:

Next, I am going to change the rules a bit and re-post my results via another blog entry.