My Thanksgiving Project

I watched my kids bake with my family this Thanksgiving and I just sat back in awe - at everything. My life, my family - everything. This year for some reason the food was really, really good and it made me think about how it (all) got that way. What was really interesting is that both sides of my family tried something different this year. This is something of a miracle ... both sides of my family seem to be sticklers for tradition, so the change was unexpected even for one side to make a change - but, for both in the same year? Pretty weird. The outcome of the changes (both for the better btw) really made me think about the tradition of Thanksgiving and how food recipes are so much more meaningful than just the act of eating on that single day. What really got me was thinking about how the recipes evolved over the years and why they did. What stories are behind those evolutions? This line of thinking led me down a path to try out my new web development .. cough.. skills ... and all I wanted to do was ship a website in a few hours. There are so many reasons for this and they will all unfold over time perhaps on the site itself, but here it is:

The user sign-in is broken as well as the Posts section which I'll fix in short order. The point was to ship and ship fast. I also want to keep things small and somewhat personal so I don't mind the broken functionality.

If you are reading this, you most likely know me, so please send me an email ( if you want to register. Also, send me any recipes, info or pics and I will do a few things:

I'll count you as one of the first 500 to sign-up.
I'll prepare your content for when the site is truly working.
Finally, I'll be grateful and I will respect everything you send my way.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I had a great one and I hope you did, too!