Roger Goodell is a Sad_Panda

This post is about experimenting with a small rails project that I created in order to learn programming as a non-programmer.

In other words, fundamental programming skills are going to be needed more and more in a professional setting. There is way too much data coming at us and those that are not intimidated by this notion will do well. Therefore, I am starting to create mini-hack projects where I can experiment with a small piece of technology in order to learn.

This post explored a Ruby on Rails (RoR) gem called Sad_Panda which can be used for text analysis.

Yes, anyone can benefit from text analysis, but I will not get into that during this post. The goal of this post is to ship! That is, to publish something small for the world to see. If you want to experiment with the mini-app that I created, then please go to and search for my name or Sad_Panda.

Here is a screen shot of the project on