True Entrepreneurs

Thanks to the authors of The Lean Entrepreneur for this:

It's important to know who the true entrepreneurs are in this world. Let us tell you: They are not the stewards of wealth creation. They are not those who claim that taxes kill entrepreneurship. They are not those whose motivation is purely money. They are not the gamblers posing as innovators, nor the smarmy marketing types trying to trick, guilt or scare you into buying. They are not the self-promoters, real estate tycoons, the bankers, or the slash-and-burn business vultures.

The true entrepreneurs are those seeking to create value. Whether trying to support themselves or change the world, we thank you for facing down uncertainty, putting yourself out there on the line, risking it all to do what you believe has to be done.

Above it all, you are the optimistic, passionate doers, and we are fortunate to work for you.